The Mission of the Western Region, International Plant Propagators' Society is to be the leading organization of individuals in Western North America and Latin America who are involved in the profession of plant propagation.

Western Region IPPS unites individuals involved in commercial propagation, teaching, research, extension, and allied fields for the gathering, presentation, and distribution of information for the advancement of the art and science of plant propagation.

Through its programs, Western Region IPPS encourages the education and participation of students, the blending of academic and commercial interests, the professional development of both new and experienced propagators, and the active networking of members.

Western Region IPPS supports the international organization through leadership participation, as well as through innovative programs that benefit all members of the Society.

As professional propagators whose aim is to fulfill our Society's motto "To Seek and To Share," we value:

  • Diversity in the background and experience of our members.
  • Open exchange of knowledge, ideas, and information among members.
  • Regular attendance and participation in Annual Meetings, this being our primary opportunity for open exchange, making new acquaintances, and renewing friendships.
  • Active involvement in the operation of the Region, with the dedicated efforts of volunteers being the driving force behind our organization.
  • Equality among all members, with opportunity for new and experienced propagators to learn from each other.

The Western Region needs you!
You can help by serving as an Area Director or on one of the following committees.

Area Director

The Western Region has members in six (6) areas:

A – British Columbia, Alaska, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Yukon
B – Washington, Montana
C – Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming
D – Colorado, New Mexico, Utah
E – Nevada, California (north of Tehachapi-Santa Maria line)
F – Arizona, California (south of Tehachapi-Santa Maria line), Hawaii

A Western Region Director represents her/his area for two years holding an Area Meeting sometime within those two years. This is a great way of meeting other members who live near you and, since you are a voting member of the Executive Committee, learning how the organization is run.

Awards (Honors) Committee
This committee nominates Western Region members for special awards, such as Curtis J. Alley Merit Award and/or other awards which may be established by the Executive Committee.

Membership and Publicity Committee
All organizations need to advertise their activities and recruit new members. The Membership, Publicity and Promotion Committee leads the way by: 1) finding ways to promote and publicize the Society’s objectives, 2) creating an awareness of the benefits of membership in the Society and 3) implementing approved programs.

Long-Range Planning-Nominating Committee
This important committee looks into and plans for the future. It will nominate individuals for various offices and committee openings and, from time to time, consider additional activities that the Western Region might pursue, suggest changes in our Region's methods of operation, and consider services to members that might be desirable in promotion of the Society’s objectives. This committee shall be a continuing "brain trust" which would propose items for discussion by Executive Committee.

Local Planning Committee
This committee works closely with the Program Chair (First Vice-President), Second Vice President and the Secretary-Treasurer to plan the Annual Meeting.

Grants Committee
This committee shall suggest and recommend programs to support the scholarly pursuit of plant propagation information. This may include, but is not limited to, student scholarships, research grants, and travel scholarships.

Finance Advisory Committee
This committee shall advise the Secretary Treasurer and the Executive Committee on the investment of the Region's funds at the Annual Meeting.