Eastern Region microMEETINGS

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microMEETING #1 Tour of Knight Hollow Nursery

Author: Liz Dunham

Liz Dunham, VP of Knight Hollow Nursery provides a behind-the-scenes tour of her woody tissue culture laboratory in Wisconsin, USA. IPPS Eastern Region microMeeting July 23, 2020.

microMEETING #2 Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

Author: Sean Halloran

Sean Halloran, Plant Propagator, presents on his work at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University

microMEETING #3 LED Lighting for Greenhouses

Author: Erik Runkle

Dr. Erik Runkle: LED Lighting for Greenhouses

microMEETING #4 Seed Collection and Processing

Author: Paul Cappiello

Dr. Paul Cappiello of Yew Dell Gardens, an IPPS ER member, presented in November 2020.

microMEETING #5 Conifer Production at Foxborough Nursery

Author: David Thompson

David Thompson: Conifer Production at Foxborough Nursery

microMEETING #6 How to Grow the Future of Horticulture

Author: Brian Decker

Brian Decker: How to Support the Future of Horticulture

microMEETING #7 Bartram's Garden and Greenland Nursery

Author: Dan Feeser

Greenland Nursery has operated in Philadelphia's Fairmount Park since the early 1900s. In its current form, the facility produces native plants for the City's natural lands management group, with a focus on local ecotype trees and shrubs. We will discuss the plants we grow, take a look at the facilities and go over the seed collection, propagation, and production techniques we employ as a small-scale municipal nursery.

Nestled on the Schuylkill River in southwest Philadelphia, Bartram's Garden is a park filled with many histories. Dan Feeser, the Nursery and Greenhouse Manager at Bartram's Garden, will give us a behind the scenes look at the past and present growing spaces. Dan will share a brief overview of the Bartram nursery history, current and future greenhouse growing plans, and how the site is a crucial part of Philadelphia's urban fabric.

microMEETING #8 Winter Grafting Decker's Nursery

Author: Brian Decker

Brian Decker of Decker's Nursery in Ohio shares his expertise on winter grafting.

microMEETING #9 What did Arnold Promise

Author: Tim Brotzman

"What did Arnold Promise?" Hamamelis by Tim Brotzman

microMEETING #10 Connecting plants with customers

Connecting plants with customers

microMEETING #11 Rooted In, Spring Meadow Nursery

Author: Jeff Kurtz

Rooted in by Jeff Kurtz, Propagator at Spring Meadow Nursery